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American financing with investors, loan

American financing with investors, loan
For non-US citizens or residents
Form your company with the help of Deallynetwork.
The incorporation fee includes these:
• quick incorporation (LLC / SPE) – within 1-2 weeks
• original certificate of formation with Apostille, (fold-up style) corporate seal, acceptance of appointment, 20-22-page operating agreement
• EIN (company tax number)
• Company address in the USA
• Correcting and proofreading your business plan, according to the expectations of US standards (cooperating with you)
• Registration in the state.
• Company shares: backers and investors buy shares with no voting rights, nor can they manage your company. Investors invest in the hope of gaining profit. They do not need any collateral. They only need your shares.
• Your company documents are delivered to our European seat and you can get it from us once you have paid all the incorporation fee. (Until the total fee is settled, the project and the company is the possession of Deallynetwork, furthermore Deallynetwork shall dispose of the project and fund raised. A document – made by Deallynetwork – manifesting it shall be notarized; not only your signature shall be notarized but the whole document.) When you have paid the incorporation fee fully, you will get not only your company documents but everything included in points 1., 2., 3., 4., 5. and 6., and the funds raised (from backers, investors or banks) will get to your bank account) and you can dispose of your project. Then, when you have paid all the fees payable for the services you used, you may have your fund raised transferred from the escrow account (where your fund is raised) to your US company’s bank account. Then we can help you transferring the fund to your local bank account.
Check the incorporation fee in our webstore:
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American financing with investors, loan
The incorporation fee does NOT include these:
1.) Bank account: with e-banking, 1 debit card for two years (account opening fees are different, depending on certain banks: EUR 500- 1.000). The opening fee does not contain monthly fees (you may open your company account without our help.)
2.) 3 months marketing campaign
3.) 3 months access to the backer list, press release writing and distribution,
4.) 3 media lists (more than 350 media; according to your preference). (Points 2., 3. and 4. are optional, but highly recommended.) Check the fees at
5.) The commission defined in the agreement shall be paid after each amount has been raised received. (Commission shall be paid for each amount raised.)
6.) The commission defined in the agreement shall be paid immediately upon signed loan/backing agreements.
7.) Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) in English. (Check the fee at . Translating to your language)
8.) A video company pitch (in co-operation with you, and with your approval) in your language and English (narrated in English by a native speaker). You may make it yourself. For our prices check
9.) Website in your language and in English. You may make it yourself. For our prices check
10.) Access to a financing platform for 30 days. For our prices check
11.) The English translation of your project materials. For our prices check
12.) Broker fee (Brokers manage the sale of your stocks) (Fees according to agreement with the broker(s). Optional service, however, highly recommended for reaching success.)
13.) Lawyer’s fee (It is legally obligatory to manage your deals via a lawyer from 2017. A lawyer controls issuing shares and manages the funds transferred to the escrow account. Broker’s fee and lawyers fee are deducted from fund, then all the remaining fund get paid to your company account. Company financial report shall be published to the annual meeting)
14.) A complex project in your language. (For our prices check
15.) Cash-flow in your language. (For our prices check
American financing with investors, loan
* You shall have a US company, because private investors back US companies that ensures the legal background. US banks give US loan only to US companies. Your US company does not need to have turnover, and your US company can operate anywhere in the world as an offshore company, however, you shall pay tax in the USA (which is a relatively small amount). You do not need to worry about employing a book keeper or having employees, unless you are active in the USA. You definitely need a local subsidiary that shall also pay tax in the USA, but not to the country of the location of your subsidiary. You can transfer the fund from the escrow account to the account of the country where you operate. Company financial report shall be made available for shareholders each financial year. Banks shall be paid interest according to the loan agreement.
– In case of a bank loan, you shall negotiate with the bank, we are only your language channel to interpret. A real estate or loan protection insurance can function as collateral. If you have a loan protection insurance as collateral, and you miss to pay an instalment, your loan is terminated and your project gets burdened)
–  The annual interest rate of your loan shall happen according to agreement with the bank.
– Such bank reads through your project and checks your site to make sure the project background.
–  Lead time in case of raising find from private investors is approx. 120-150 days after crowdfunding campaign has started (writing your business plan is not considered in this period. Usually it takes 2-6 weeks to make your project, depending on your co-operation)
–  Grace period: as you agree with the investors/banks
– Funding from USD 10K to 50M / year. This is how you can raise the 10% own capital needed for applying for a bank loan. If the fund you wish to raise does not exceed 50M/year, this financing method may be enough.
You can apply for a loan from USD 500K to billions of dollars (You make agreement with the banks, we only give you advice. It is always you who makes decisions).
American financing with investors, loan
•  You can transfer the fund raised to your subsidiary, however, redemption and instalment payment to the bank shall happen from the bank account of your US company. According to US law, you can raise up to 50M from private investors each year. If the fund you need exceeds this amount, you may raise funds in several steps (e.g. Phase 1 – raise USD 1M for building you production plant; Phase 2 – raise USD 2M for purchasing production equipment; Phase 3 – raise USD 3M for launching your products in European markets; Phase 4 – USD 3M for launching your products in US markets, etc. It is important that you may raise maximum USD 50M per year)
American financing with investors, loan
What projects can be financed?
• Any commercial real estate
• Any business
• Construction and renovation
• Agriculture
• Oil and gas
• Energy projects
• Technologies, research, invention, pharmaceutical, any special area